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Africa, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Africa, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
Asia - China
Hong Kong, China
Asia - Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Asia - Japan
Tokyo, Japan (3)
Asia - Singapore
Serangoon, Singapore (3)
Asia - South Korea
Seoul, South Korea (2)
Asia - India
Mumbai, India
New Delhi, India
Asia - Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Asia - Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Asia - Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Sydney, Australia (2)
Europe - Austria
Graz, Austria
Europe - Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Europe, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe, Bulgaria
Soia, Bulgaria
Europe - Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark (2)
Europe - Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
Europe - Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Europe - France
Paris, France (4)
Europe - Germany
Dresden, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany (2)
Europe - Hungary
Budapest, Hungary (3)
Europe, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland
Europe, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Europe, Italy
Milan, Italy
Europe - Latvia
Riga, Latvia
Europe - Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania
Europe - Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Europe, Moldova
Chisinau, Moldova
Europe - Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands (3)
Europe - Norway
Oslo, Norway (2)
Europe - Poland
Warsaw, Poland (2)
Europe - Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Europe, Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Europe – Slovak Republic
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Europe - Russia
Moscow, Russia
Europe – Spain
Madrid, Spain (3)
Europe - Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden (3)
Europe – Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Europe – United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom (4)
Manchester, United Kingdom (2)
New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
North America - Canada
Toronto, Canada (3)
Vancouver, Candada
North America - United States of America
Ashburn, Virginia (2)
Atlanta, Georgia (3)
Chicago, Illinois (4)
Dallas, Texas (2)
Las Vegas, Nevada (2)
Los Angeles, California (3)
Miami, Florida (4)
New York, New York (4)
Phoenix, Arizona (3)
San Jose, California (4)
Seattle, Washington (3)
North America - Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
North America - Panama
Panama City, Panama
South America - Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
South America - Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil (2)